Random Musings


August 11, 2019

I was still upset when I woke up Saturday morning. Sleep didn’t help the thoughts. I was having a good week until about 4 pm Friday.

I don’t get it. I try to be this helpful, kind, good person to everyone I meet. I go to work and do the job I’m being paid to do and 99% of the time most people respond in kind.

Then there’s that 1% that are nice to my face while stabbing me in the back. Usually it’s a woman. It’s disheartening to say the least.

I understand if I intimidate you and you feel threatened by me but we are grown up people. I don’t have time to play your game. It has no place in my life. Pull up your big girl pants. Use your grown up words. Talk to me about the issues you have with me directly. Things will never be solved by going to others. I always find out because they tell me. It’s called respect.

Until you can learn how to be respectful you will never get it in return. No one will take you seriously. Why? Because I come to work to work and earn my pay. I’m not there to be your friend. There’s a difference between being friendly and becoming involved. I don’t get involved with people I work with.

I have a family to worry about. You are not a part of my circle and never will be. I knew that from that first handshake the day I met you. I knew you would be good at your job and that was all that mattered. That’s why I recommended interviewing you from your resume I looked at. The others wanted another male and doubted you could do it.

You have been excellent at your job. It shows. Despite all of that, you are afraid of me. I push paper and deal with the data all day to ensure things keep moving. My job relies on you doing your job. So stay in your lane and I will stay in mine.

I don’t work for you. I support your position and the program. I work for the director and the organization as a whole. That’s what I’m being paid to do. I’m not there to be your buddy or friend.

Yet, I will still respect you. Because that’s what grown up human beings are supposed to do. That was also the way I was raised by the strong women in my life. We didn’t have time for weakness.

These are the thoughts in my mind that I put out to the universe. To release it back out and try not to hold it in. Yet the essence of the bad vibe still lingers in my soul. It always does. Most call it experience. I call it wisdom.

We as people can keep moving forward or stay stuck where we are. It’s our choice.

I choose momentum, positivity. and growth.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have an awesome weekend and an even more fabulous week ahead!

Peace, love, happiness, and good vibes.