Poetry: Midnight vexation by Suzanne Allen

Midnight vexation by Suzanne Allen


Awakened by random sounds

Peering into the darkness

Heart begins to pound

Phantom noise, nothing there

Racing heart begins to slow

Startled, by fear

Look at the clock, check the time

Blurry, fuzzy eyes

Too early, to rise and shine

Try to sleep once more

Needless vexation begins

Thoughts hard to ignore

Overwhelmed by what may be

Alone for so long

Then you sought out me

Not sure why I mattered to you

Negative thoughts abound

Keeping a belief in a love that’s true

Heart beats faster, thoughts race

Anxiety begins to swell

Riding the wave to a safe place

Read your messages from before

Deep breaths, begin to lessen the ride

Feel safe and secure once more

Temporary moments of uncertainty

Warmth of love fills my soul

I’m glad you are here with me

Know this love, same as years ago

Kept hope for your return

Mind quiets as the calm grows

You are my life, my heartbeat forever

I experience your love every day

Serenity and peace return, feeling better

Midnight mind of chaos has ceased

Sleepy once more

Restful sleep, dreams, and peace