The Earth I roam by Suzanne Allen


January 4th, 2023

I was up late talking with my online person and trying to get sleepy. After a brief conversation, I suddenly had these ideas for a poem. That is usually how it happens for me. The idea for poetry is just magically there and sometimes the words just flow.

I find it humorous because I have never been a poetry person before and I would always struggle with that part of writing when I was in school. The last 9 years have taught me to just go with the flow in my thoughts.

I wrote the first five stanzas before I started getting sleepy then when I woke up the words were still in my mind. I completed the rest before even getting up or dressed this morning.

I was sitting there all bleary eyed, in the dark, and the only light was being illuminated by the tiny screen of my phone as I wrote using my notes app. Most of the poetry written here has been done on my notes app because the mood strikes at random times and I got tired of carrying around a notebook. I then rewrite it into a word document later and save on my portable hard drive.

This is my first poem of the new year and I am working on my first article of the new year as well.

Thank you for continuing to stop by and for being so supportive.

Have a lovely day!



“The Earth I roam”

by Suzanne Allen

Roaming the earth for over 50 years.

Been happy and been sad.

Both caused tears.

Searching for that noble truth.

Mistakes made and success too.

Time lost to misspent youth.

Mind filled with wondrous dreams.

No thoughts of fame or fortune.

No extravagance to be seen.

Wistful thoughts of love.

Dreams of a relationship.

A universal message from above.

Blindly lead by faith.

Hope for a life,

Filled with happiness not hate.

Struggling to see.

The small things life brings.

The importance before you or me.

It is the everyday life that matters.

The big events too.

Every moment causes time to scatter.

The one thing we never regain.

Once it is lost, there’s no going back.

Time moves and flows like oceans or rain.

Moments that give a lesson or two.

We learn to grow or learn to fail.

It is up to us on what we do.

The thoughts we grow will stay there.

Let them affect us or push them away.

Keep carrying the burden we bear.

Decades later a decision to right.

Continue with the pain in the dark.

Find instead, one’s own joy in the light.

Let go of the past.

The weight caused by others.

Be done with feeling anxious and mad.

Beauty still in the world to see.

There are things still left to do.

Open your eyes to the possibility.

Keep moving forward until the end.

Life is about love, kindness, and positivity.

Family, relationships, and friends.

Each day stay the course.

Find what you are good at or like to do.

We are this soul, a beautiful life force.

Every living thing is connected together.

In each moment shared or wasted.

Today, tomorrow, and forever.