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January 13, 2023 – Writing prompt

I actually had this thought the day I was at my mother’s house and once again was having to set up her electronic devices.

She had to get new phones for her and her husband. They are both in their mid 70’s. This was their fourth phones of the year. They keep overcharging them, losing them, or keep clicking those links they tell you not to and get locked out of their phones rendering them useless. Thank goodness they are old school and do not use online banking.

As I was going through another round of creating emails or setting up their apps for them, they keep getting locked out despite me creating a notebook with the passwords in it. They keep misplacing the notebook or find it after we have already changed everything.

Then on top of all of that there is her laptop and his blue tooth devices to be connected again. It seems to be a never ending process.

I jokingly told her that I needed to create a business, hire a bunch of college students, and rent them out as grandchildren to people that need help with their devices. It was just a nonsense moment as we waiting for the devices to come back online.

My mother thought that was great idea! She said she hated going to the mobile phone stores when she had to get new phones because they never help her set things up, that’s why she calls me. She said she saw older people in the store with the same issues and how frustrated they were.

I realized that there is a gap in being technology savvy. There is a whole generation of users out there that do not understand how to set up their devices. This group of people are most likely over the age of 60 and most are new to everything.

Whether it using a social media platform, the latest phone upgrades, installing a streaming device, or even just setting up an email. This generation is getting lost in the process, yet they have the most disposable income and can buy these things. They want to learn but someone has to make it an easy process for them.

Oh, I know there are classes held at local libraries, most are free, that will teach them some basics but what happens after the classes are over? Who do they turn to if something is not working or they have questions?

Hence, the Rent a Grandchild program. You can have a monthly or yearly subscription or rent as you go. A fully vetted college student can be called to assist with your technology needs. The customer would have to go through a vetting process as well to ensure everyone’s safety.

It would be like calling an Uber, except instead of seeing the closest rideshare, it would be a map with the closest student, you would be able to click on the students picture and see what devices they can assist with. Then once you find the assistance needed, you would schedule a time slot with them to stop by.

The student would be responsible for checking in with the app and confirming the appointments. It would track the student until the assistance was completed. The student would get paid through the app and the customer could also rate the students or leave an extra gratuity for them. The better the ratings the higher the per call pay.

It would give some customers an interaction with another human being that they may be missing, all the while helping them become more connected.

It would help the student learn how to be patient, how to deal effectively with people, and give them real world experience dealing with different generations of people. People they may actually have to work for or with one day.

I realized during those moments that when I finally move, they will have to rely on their other daughter’s for assistance. At the moment though, they never call them, or they never get calls back. It was a sad thought for me because I like helping people. These things are not hard or overly taxing but most just do not want to deal with it because it takes up their time. It is a shame really. We should always try to lend a helping hand if we can.

That would be a great business name instead of Rent a Grandchild. A Helping Hand.

Well that’s all my thoughts on this writing prompt for the day.

Have a great week!

Peace, love, happiness, and good vibes, always!