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Writing prompt – Daily mail

Where can you reduce clutter in your life?

January 18, 2023

3:30 pm

That was good timing for today’s prompt. Clutter and where can it be reduced in my life.

To be honest, I have a closet full of tubs and boxes, filled with old mail, letters, documents, magazines, and mailers. I have been carrying these tubs and boxes with me for years.

It is an accumulation that started the last 7 years of my previous marriage, and I just kept everything he had after he passed away. I don’t even know why?

Last summer, I thought I was going to be ambitious and set up a reminder every day to sort and get rid of it for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. The thinking was that I would have everything thrown away by the end of the year.

Then my anxiety and depression starting going up due to family and financial issues, those plans went out the window. I only accomplished it for three days. I deleted the reminder off my calendars and my alarms.

I have written before that I do not make resolutions anymore, instead I make lists of goals or things to try and accomplish. I am debating whether to make that a goal, finally getting rid of the unwanted paper.

I could go back and set the daily reminder and alarm again. Just thinking of it is making me feel slightly overwhelmed and annoyed. We will see. I could make the time shorter, 15 minutes a day instead of 30.

This writing prompt reminds me of the home organizing websites and people I used to follow as a young mother. I was mainly a stay at home mom and I kept my home very organized.

One was called FlyLady.net and the other was Organizedhome.com. I believe they are still up and running, even after all these years.

Everything had its place or labels, I had our weekly calendars in binders, I had my meal plans for the week, and my preprinted weekly grocery or shopping lists.

All the while I was working part time in the military, going to college 12 to 15 hours a semester, and taking care of four children. As they got older, this also incorporated school functions, parent volunteer duties, and starting my own side business of teaching cake decorating.

I was once told that I was the busiest stay at home mom anyone had ever seen. It was the depression and anxiety. I was avoiding dealing with my own mental well being and the bad marriage/relationship. I was just keeping my head above water. I was exhausted every day.

Things got easier as the kids got older. I taught them how to wash their clothes and clean the dishes. They also learned basic cooking skills and they took care of the pets.

I digressed, this prompt was about clutter.

Yet, when you do not deal with everything affecting you in your life, it eventually becomes clutter too.

Hmm, I should just add the paper mountain as another to obstacle to tackle.

Have a great week!