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I have no idea what my career plan is.

Daily writing prompt
What is your career plan?

12 May 2023

9:59 pm

I have no idea what my next career plan should be?

I already completed one career and retired, after twenty years in the military.

I currently attend a training program in Bookkeeping and Accounting in the hope that it will lead to at least a part-time job. A job that will pay much better than the retail and restaurant jobs I had before.

I have some VA (Veterans Administration) benefits coming in until I turn 60 then my actual military pension starts. The benefits I receive pay the bills and there is not much left over each month. It has been this way for three years now after I lost my job due to rotator cuff surgery. That did not go well and my arm has limitations now.

That injury also put a temporary stop to what I wanted to do, own a cake decorating supply shop, do cake decorating, and try competitions again. My plan was to become a Master Sugar Artist but that is all on hold now. I still have the knowledge but my hands do not want to cooperate. It is a struggle and it is frustrating.

I tried retail, restaurants, and customer service after I retired. I tried for six years. The plan was to work my way to a management position as I finished my bachelors degree in business. I still have 12 credit hours left to complete. It has been the same 12 credit hours for the last six years.

The plans of working my way up did not sit well with the managers and supervisors that I worked with over the years. I butted heads with almost everyone I worked with over that time period. Most are still working in those companies but I am not because I resigned from every position. I know when to walk away from situations that are not going to change. I know when to stop pushing and just let it go.

I had this idyllic life that I wanted. It included this fabulous, high-powered, creative job that allowed me to travel all over the world. I had no idea what that job was going to be, I only knew what I wanted out of it.

It is just this beautiful daydream that I wanted to turn into reality. I did not know how or when but I knew that it could be possible. Anything is possible if you work hard or want it enough.

Then there is the thought that maybe I could just be happy with the career that I already completed. I could just spend my days doing creative things, learning, and sharing what I know. It would be stress free and there is no getting up early, being on someone else’s timeclock, or having to drive to work every day. That part of worklife, I do not miss.

I do miss the people. Meeting new people, developing work friendships, the cammaderie (when there was any), and being sucessful in the job or role that I was assigned to. I enjoyed just being there in that moment with others. It was something that I looked forward to every day when things were good but when it went bad, my anxiety and depression went into overdrive.

As I sit here writing this, thinking over things, and mulling the possibilites, I feel serene.

I do not feel the stress that I always had when it came to worklife. I feel like my focus is much clearer and I can see what is in front of me and where I need to go.

I will continue moving forward. Taking those chances as they come along.

I will continue to find peace, love, happines, and good vibes, always.

Thank you so much.

Have a wonderful week!



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