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My Uncle Jay

Describe a positive thing a family member has done for you.

Writing prompt for the day.

April 18, 2023

5:44 am

My life has not always been easy. I grew up in an environment that caused trauma.

Despite all of that there were still positive people in my life. My grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, my children, and a few coworkers. One person in particular stands out the most, my Uncle Jay.

My Uncle Jay is the brother of my mother’s husband. My mother’s husband is not my biological father and I have not really ever considered him my father but he would be my stepfather.

Considering the strained relationship with my stepfather, one would think that I would not be close with his family at all but the opposite is true.

His family helped raise me as well. They were always kind, caring, and fun to be around. Family get togethers with them always consisted of lots of great food and laughter. I only have two cousins on that side of the family but there were a lot of extended family. Aunts, Uncles, and second cousins.

My Uncle Jay stands out the most. He has always been a straight shooter and a no nonsense kind of person. Serious, professional, and hard working. A person that I have always admired and respected. I grew up wanting to emulate these qualities and I think I did quite well because of it.

Uncle Jay has always been there when I needed some sort of support or guidance if possible.

Growing up as a kid with him there is only an age gap of about 8 to 9 years so he was never quite sure what to do when it came to us nieces and holidays or birthdays. He was the youngest of four boys.

I think those are my fondest memories, the things he would give me as a kid. I remember getting remote controlled cars, army men, and other things considered “non girl” items like footballs, basketballs, baseball bats and gloves. He would always get scoffed at by the other family members but I loved them.

As I grew up and got older he has been there for the important things that have happened in my life. When I had my first son, he was so adored by him and his wife, they still do. They adore all my kids.

My Uncle Jay has always been there to congratulate me on my biggest accomplishments and there to console me on my biggest heartbreaks. Always with a hand to help guide me if I needed or to support me with strong words.

One particular thing that stands out is when I was going through my divorce. I was struggling financially and had finally gotten a good job, selling insurance.

I was behind on my car payments and they were going to repossess my car. The dealership had already stopped the car through a remote kill switch so it was not drivable. Then I woke up one morning and they had towed it, no repossession notice, just came in the night and took it back. I called Uncle Jay for advice.

He and his wife, my Aunt Cindy took action. He offered to get my payments caught up for me and add a little cushion until my job started paying. I was so surprised and relieved at the same time. We came up with a plan and I called the dealership, they agreed to the terms and were going to release the car back to me.

The day I was heading over to the dealership to give them the check my uncle sent, I called to let them know and they decided to get greedy and demanded more, almost 4 months more of payments. I was so upset and angry, I called my uncle to let him know.

My Uncle Jay is a lawyer and a CPA, not just a lawyer, a tax lawyer. He got angry about all of it, asked for their contact number, and told me to hold onto the check. He and Cindy were coming up to fix it. They live almost three hours away from me.

That afternoon, I get a call to meet them at a dealership. My then ex-husband drove me there. Uncle Jay had bought me a good used car so I would not have to make payments. I was so overwhelmed by the gesture.

He also had “fixed” the problem with the dealership that demanded more money and told me not to worry about it. I am not sure what kind of conversation he had with them but a week later I received a certified letter from them saying that they had sold the vehicle and I had a zero balance with them.

The dealership had “repossessed” the vehicle but it never showed up on any of my credit reports. Even today it still doesn’t show I ever had any loans with them.

I drove that car for years and sold it last year to one my nieces. She is a single mom and needed a vehicle. It was still in great condition and ran well but I did not need two cars.

That is my Uncle Jay. He will be there when you need him either to fix things for you or guide you where you need to go. He has always been this positive person in my life. I appreciate him and his family so much and always will.

I am so grateful for him being there.

Everyone should have an “Uncle Jay” in their life.

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting my blog.

Have a fabulous week!

Peace, love, happiness, and good vibes, always!



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